Google Debuts Expanded Search in a Limited Field Trial

There’s too much data. We all know this to be the reality we’re headed towards, if in fact we’re not there already. Usually, though, when we think of ‘big data,’ we think of it in the context of our entire world, our entire web- but what of our personal world, our personal web?

How much data are you leaving scattered across various entities? How would you ever find what you’re looking for?

Search seems to be the only viable answer. We’ve written of the power of personal search, and as the data grows, so too will the need for personalized search.

Enter Google.

Google, of course, is the master of searching the web, but they now recognize the need to master searching your web.

With that goal in mind, Google has launched an experiment which allows users to scour not only the web, but their Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Calendar accounts, simultaneously, both from the Google search interface and from directly inside your Gmail account.

A couple caveats exist:

  • This only works with Gmail addresses for now. Sorry, Google Apps users.
  • The experiment can only be used with secure (https) connections.
  • English language only, for now.
  • Google reiterates on the experiment page that this is a trial, so it may not be extended to everyone, it may shut down completely, or the nature of it may change without notice.

I’ve been in the trial for a few weeks now, and I can say that it is quite useful, especially if you automate tasks like using Gmail as an automatic news archive. To request access to the trial, head here.

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