How to Access Spotify's New Web Player

It wasn't long ago that Spotify took the digital music world by storm. When the Swedish service launched, it entered a very crowded market, but soon established itself as formidable.

Today, even more options exist, but none match the ubiquity of Spotify, both in the platforms it caters to as well as the music available on the service itself. No other service offers a desktop app that matches your existing library, allowing you to stream your own music to virtually any device, while at the same time giving you access to so much music that you don't own.

And they're not going away anytime soon. After receiving a massive $100 million in a fifth round of funding, Spotify is better positioned than any to lead the charge in the digital music revolution.

To that end, the company has been experimenting with a web-based music player to further reduce the barrier to entry: just open any web browser and your music (and the world's) is at your fingertips.

The web player is still in beta, though, and although it's been given a url, entering that address in your address bar will redirect you to the Spotify homepage.

To get around that, you can click this link to enter the beta. The link will first take you to the Facebook app, then redirect to the actual web player. In my experience, you must have your Facebook account connected to Spotify and be logged into Facebook for this to work.

Keep in mind, the web player, as I said, is still in beta, so expect to see some issues. I couldn't get the Radio to load, and the app crashed my browser (Chromium) a few times. That being said, the player certainly looks promising. Browsing and playing music is pretty seamless, the playlist function worked very well, and the design is quite clean. Here's a peek:

Here's that link again.

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