How To Easily Manage Outlook Mail from Gmail

While I think it's safe to say the vast majority of Sssimpli readers primarily, if not exclusively, use Gmail as their mail client of choice, Microsoft's recently revamped Outlook has a few things going for it. While Outlook's simplicity may lure a few normals, most power users prefer the almost ridiculous amount of features baked into Gmail.

Still, it can be awfully handy to have an Outlook address on hand. That was the situation in which I found myself after Google suspended one of my Gmail accounts a couple of years ago (still not clear on why- they claimed I violated the TOS somehow). That account was robertsboone at gmail dot com, and when it was suspended, it left me with only the decidedly amateurish handle I'd chosen years earlier when I signed up for Gmail. I also have an email at my own domain, but it's been known to kick back emails every so often.

All that meant that I was in need of a backup email address to hand out. It had to be somewhat professional and reliable, and Outlook fit the bill. But, since I had no intentions of checking my actual Outlook inbox, I had to be able to manage the account easily from within Gmail.

Thankfully, the Gmail team has made it super easy to set up the whole thing.

First, head into your Gmail settings and click on the "accounts" tab. Click the "Add a POP3 email account you own" option a few lines down.

Now, simply enter your Outlook email address and click "next." Gmail will automatically populate the necessary fields. Just enter your password. You can also choose to label all incoming mails as, or set up other parameters for a filter, like skipping the inbox or automatically marking messages as read. Gmail will then ask you if you want to send mail from your Outlook address. (You can choose to treat it as an alias.) Confirm and continue.

You're almost finished. Now, Gmail will send a verification code to your Outlook address. Head over to, copy the verification code in the email, and pop it back into the Gmail prompt.

That's it! I've added many accounts to Gmail over the years, but none were so easy to set up as Outlook. Of course, that's a wise move on Google's part: if you're going to use Outlook, they'd prefer you do it from within Gmail, where you can still see their ads. Still, it's hard not to appreciate the painless process they've made the setup.