How to Read Google Play Books in Readmill

I'm not yet a complete digital convert when it comes to reading books. Articles are one thing, but I still prefer the reading experience physical books and the Kindle offer when reading anything novella-length or longer. That said, some books beg to be read on a small screen (Frank Chimero's The Shape of Design is probably the quintessential example) , and there's no question that having your books on your phone or tablet is incredibly handy.

When I do read books on my phone, I turn to Readmill, simply because they offer a far superior reading experience than any other reading experience on phones or tablets.

To date, the only real complaint I can levy against Readmill is its lack of an integrated store. That doesn't mean its book selection is limited—any old .epub file can be uploaded to Readmill—but most solutions require hunting down a book via a third party, and there's no one-stop-shop for .epubs (yet). Sure, they recently partnered with Penguin, but that only makes buying Penguin books easier.

How handy would it be, then, to use the built-in bookstore you already have on your Android device? I'm speaking, of course, of Google Play Books. It's possible, and quite easy (though it does require a computer) to load any of your books purchased through Google Play into Readmill. Here's how.

Head to the Google Play Books site and click "My Books" in the left panel (assuming you've already bought the book in question). Next to the thumbnail of the book you want to send to Readmill, click the three dot menu that appears in the top right corner when you hover over the book, and select "download EPUB."

Now, you just need to head to Readmill, click the (very prominent) "upload books" button in the right sidebar, and select the file you just downloaded.

That's it. Now your book will be synced to any device with Readmill installed, and you can easily read the text on your phone or tablet. Now if only Readmill would get into the e-ink hardware business.

via the Readmill blog