How to Send Google+ Posts to Other Services

Google+ may not have a lion’s share of social users, but its active users are quite active, sharing everything from simple links to blog-length posts. One of the main drawbacks of using G+ is the vacuum in which those posts exist- it’s very difficult to actually do anything with them. Most networks let third-party services tap into them, allowing you to send favorited tweets or starred items in your RSS reader to a bookmarking service like Pinboard or Evernote.

Google+ doesn’t allow that sort of integration, but there is a workaround. Most bookmarking services allow you to email items to a unique email address to save those items, and we’re going to use those addresses to bookmark Google+ posts.

Setting it up is simple: just create a new circle in G+ (call it “Bookmarking” or whatever you like), and add as contacts the services you want to use for bookmarking, using the unique email address as the contact email (chances are, if you’ve used the service address before, and you use Gmail, you won’t even have to look it up- G+ should just tap into your address book to find it for you).

Now, when you come across a post you want to bookmark, just share it to the service in question (or, to save it to all services to create duplicates, share it with the whole bookmarking circle). Be sure to save it only to the circle in question, though, unless you’d like it to show up on your Google+ timeline.

Note that this is a somewhat inferior workaround, since it doesn’t save links mentioned in posts, only the posts themselves. Still, until Google releases an API, or allows some level of integration themselves, it’s a useful workaround.