How to Simplify Your Netflix Queue

No one can accurately predict the future of film and television consumption, but most will agree that Netflix is leading the charge away from the current, decades-old model. Some have even used the service as a replacement for cable.

While the service certainly has its shortcomings — most notably the selection — that problem gets a bit smaller in scale every day, as Netflix works diligently to offer new titles to its customers.

Here’s a quick method that, once set up, ensures that you never miss another Netflix gem. We’ll be using Google Reader, IFTTT, and Pinboard.

First, head over to Google Reader and add the Netflix Instant RSS feed (right-click on that link and copy the address). Now, when Netflix adds a new title to its selection of titles available for instant streaming, you’ll see it in Google Reader.

Next, head over to IFTTT and activate this recipe. Now, when browsing through Netflix titles in Google Reader, simply star those that you’d like to watch (you can just click ‘s’ in Google Reader to star a post), and it will automagically be sent to Pinboard with a ‘Netflix’ tag.

When you want to find something to watch, head over to Pinboard, select the ‘Netflix’ tag, and there is a personalized, curated list of titles you have hand-selected. Happy viewing!

Note that this method can also be used for other bookmarking services which are supported by IFTTT, but in my experience Pinboard is the only service which auto-adds the Netflix tag, making the process effortless and later retrieval a snap.

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