How to Sync Facebook Contacts with Android

As full-fledged contact management apps for Android go, it's hard to beat Contacts+, which comes with a complementary messaging and dialer app. For some, that may be overkill, though. When I began using it, it started with a simple search to figure out how to sync Facebook contact information with my phone. It ended with me completely replacing the way I managed contacts, dialed numbers, and sent and received messages.

After awhile, I began to yearn for a simpler solution.

UberSync is just what I was looking for. It easily syncs your contacts with Facebook, and gives you a plethora of options to customize the experience. Beyond that, it stays out of your way, and uses very few of your system resources.

Download the app, authorize it through Facebook, and let it get to work. You can choose the sync type, with options ranging from soft (on-demand only sync) to hard (everything is always in sync).

The options list gets pretty extensive from there, allowing you to choose the sync frequency, size of contact pictures, and whether to sync only on wifi, sync statuses, birthdays, and a bit more.

So far, the app's worked like a charm. In fact, I hid it from my app drawer, and now hardly ever realize it's even there.

The ad you notice in the screenshot is enabled by default- a simple checkbox can remove the ads, though I'd venture a guess that, at some point, the developer may add a premium version to remove them. For now, that means that the developer is making money only through the ads, so you may want to consider leaving them on to encourage more development.

Speaking of: there's also a testing version available to test features that may eventually make it into the stable release, so if you want to test those features, try it out. Just note that, like all testing apps, it may break things and not function as expected.


If you need more robust management, Contacts+ may be the way to go. For simple, fast, tweakable Facebook contact sync, UberSync does the job nicely.