How to Tweet Using Only Your Voice {#Android}

Imagine you’re in the middle of the desert, have been wandering for days, and haven’t eaten in what feels like weeks. You come across a plant of some sort, but you don’t know if it’s poisonous. You need to know- fast.

You want to ask Twitter, but those precious seconds it takes to open your Twitter client and punch in the required sequence of letters is just too much.

Okay, that may be a bit extreme, but whatever your reasons (no one’s judging), here’s a quick way to use nothing but the search button on your Android phone and your voice to send out a tweet.

To do this, we’re going to use TweetyMail, a service that allows you to interact with Twitter using only your email account. So, head over and sign up, and the first thing you’ll need to do is verify your email address.

Note that since Android’s voice commands use your linked Gmail account, you’ll need to link your primary Gmail account address, even if you have Gmail set up to send from another address by default.

Once you’re verified, add TweetyMail to your Google Contacts (you can do this on the web or on your phone) and enter ‘’ as the primary email address. You’ll notice that there are other addresses you can use to interact with Twitter in other ways, but we’re interested in keeping it simple, so we’ll just add the one address so as not to confuse Android when sending a tweet via voice command.

A couple of notes: by default, TweetyMail activates a notifications feature for mentions. If you don’t want to receive mention notifications via TweetyMail, make sure you deactivate this in the settings. The service also offers pro plans, and gives you a 30-day trial when you sign up. If you stay on the free plan, you’ll be limited to 100 tweets per month through the service.

You may also want to take care to add the contact as a name easily identifiable via voice. ‘TweetyMail’ did not work well for me- Android translated it as ‘tweet email.’ I simply named the contact ‘Twitter,’ and Android seems to recognize it pretty accurately.

Now, just activate the voice commands feature on your Android device (usually the microphone on the Google search widget, or, on some older devices, the dedicated hardware search button), and say “send email to Twitter” (or whatever name you gave TweetyMail in your contacts) followed by the tweet.

Voíla! You just tweeted using only your voice. Now, let’s hope you make it out of the desert. Good luck.

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