I need your help, Sssimpli Readers

When I started Sssimpli in 2011, I wanted to highlight tools that made my web simpler. Over the past two and a half years, I've shared tips and tricks and apps and extensions that enhance the browsing and mobile experiences, and I've thoroughly enjoyed doing so.

Sssimpli posts take about an hour to write, and much longer to figure out what to write about in the first place. I spend hours sifting through the garbage to find apps or extensions that I think you might enjoy. It all adds up to a significant amount of my time, which is fine... as long as I'm enjoying the process. Lately, I'm not.

I'm getting bored. And if I'm getting bored, my guess is that you are, too. So I want to change direction. I want to be excited about Sssimpli again.

That's where you come in, reader.

Exactly which direction I go is not yet decided, but I've got a good idea as to what I want to do. First, Links posts are consistently the most highly-valued, and for good reason, I think. So many great things are written on the web, every day, and it's hard to sift through all of it. I want to make it easier.

So, phase one of the pivot would entail my highlighting one good piece of tech-related writing per day, going a little more in-depth about it than Links does (but not much- the idea is to highlight a piece, not dissect it). The final format would probably look something like The Browser.

Of course, I'll still round everything up at the end of the week in a Links post, and probably package everything together in a weekly newsletter.

The second phase revolves around startups. Profiling startups is one of the most enjoyable aspects of what I've been doing on Sssimpli, and I want to continue to do so- but I want to go a little more in-depth. Startups are popping up all the time, in Lifehacker and Techcrunch and The Next Web, and there are sites dedicated solely to listing all the new startups. So, if you want a quick blurb on what a new app does, there's plenty of coverage on that, and I don't want to add to the noise. Instead, I want to know the story behind the startup. To that end, phase two would involve interviews with the founder(s) of interesting startups. I want to know what drives the founder, what problem they hope their startup with solve, what gap it fills, and what drives them to make it better.

If those are questions I want answered, I think many readers do, too.

So here's where I need your help: I want to make Sssimpli a place you enjoy. I want a little smile to appear each time you come across something new from Sssimpli in your feed reader. If I'm to do that, I need to know what you think. Do you like the idea of highlighting great reading? Of interviewing startup founders? Would you prefer I stick to one or the other? Would you prefer that I ditch this whole thing and go back to highlighting browser extensions and Android apps?

What is it you want from Sssimpli? Please, take a minute of your time to email me your thoughts, or reach out to me on Twitter.

Let's make Sssimpli better.