Infinite Player is the Best Way to Listen to NPR {#Chrome}

In a world where barriers to publishing come crashing to the ground every day, we all battle the now infamous information abundance. Some say that abundance is ushering out the news behemoths of yesteryear. In fact, the opposite can be true.

A trusted news source which curates the day's news, and has long proven themselves reputable, trustworthy, and talented, is more valuable than ever.

NPR, of course, is such a source.

If NPR is one of your trusted sources, you'll be thrilled to hear about NPR's Infinite Player. The Infinite Player is a Chrome app which simply and elegantly provides all of NPR's programming in a browser tab.

You'll find all of your favorite shows here, like All Things Considered, Fresh Air, All Songs Considered, Talk of the Nation, Tell Me More, TED Radio Hour, and more.

Listening is simple: launch the app, pick a source, and enjoy.

Click the dropdown menu to listen to a particular channel.

The Infinite Player can also be personalized: a thumbs up or thumbs down button allows you to tell the app which type of stories you like. It will use that information in Pandora-like fashion to play future stories. As the name would suggest, listening is infinite; when a story ends, another will begin.

Links to stories and photos are provided for each story to follow along as you listen, and easy social sharing is built-in.

The app also keeps track of your listening history and gives you the ability to pause or rewind.

All in all, Infinite Player is the best sort of app: it does what it does, simply, beautifully, and gets out of your way. If NPR is among your go-to news sources, there's arguably no better way to listen. If you've never jumped on the NPR bandwagon, now may be a good time to give it a shot (personally, I think the morning programs are excellent listening).

NPR Infinite Player

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