The Dodo Emerges as a Sanctuary for Animal Lovers

We’re witnessing a profound shift in the way people regard animals. They matter more to us now. We think of them less as objects at our disposal, as science increasingly reveals them to be intelligent, emotional, social beings that are not as different from us as we used to think they were. We’re increasingly committed to learning about them, more interested in understanding and improving our relationships with them, and more passionate about protecting them. The Dodo will channel this shift every day by covering the most important and fascinating stories including photos, videos, Vines, etc. And we want you to join us: Share your stories, your pictures, your media, anything animal-related, and you’ll be part of an unprecedented community for all those who love animals, are concerned about their welfare -- and want to make a difference.

That's the concept behind a recently launched site called The Dodo, an animal lover's sanctuary on the web. The Dodo combines journalistic-style reporting, a vibrant community, modern web platforms, and a pure love of animals to create a single entity to which animal lovers can come to read about, share stories of, and stay informed on the animal kingdom at large.

From a tweet-centric post about a dolphin hunt in Japan to the science behind why your dog gets that guilty look, The Dodo is far from another cute kittens video site (though there is a bit of that, too). It's also a two-sided affair- not only has the team built a community platform into the site, which members can use to share and discuss all things animal-related, but members get their own dedicated page, which the staff regularly scans for content. If they find a gem on a member's page, they put it up on the front page. You can also contribute across social media by using the hashtag #dodo on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+, and when you do, that content automatically gets pushed to your page.

The site also has a wonderful weekly email newsletter (you can see an example here) with the top five stories of the week.

Bottom Line

The Dodo is an incredibly original take on the new, evolving ethics of animals. The stories are captivating, the community is committed, and the blurred lines between those stories and the community makes for an inclusive atmosphere. Plus, team makes extensive and smart use of the strength of social media (again, across the stories and the community). All in all, with (to my knowledge) nobody doing what they're doing, The Dodo is the place for animal lovers on the web.

The Dodo | @dodo

Plus, these guys use the grumpy cat in their confirmation email. How can you not love that?