Likeastore Collects Your Favorites Across Multiple Social Networks

Our digital identities are spread out across a variety of social networks, nearly all of which include some variant of the "like" button. Likeastore thought it would be useful to gather all of those favorites in one place.

The concept is simple: connect your services (Facebook, Twitter, Github, Dribbble, Vimeo, YouTube, Gist, and Stack Overflow, currently), and Likeastore pulls in your favorite entries from each of those networks, then presents them in one clean, straightforward interface.

It's difficult to see just how a service like this might be used, but that's often a good sign for fledgling services, since it allows the users, not the creators, to determine best use cases. For instance, I've been using it as a next-day review, looking over what I found interesting the day prior. In doing so, I often find some of the things I found interesting yesterday trivial, while for some items, my interest has grown. So Likeastore puts some valuable separation between me and my likes, and consequently, I save a little time.

A feature that could easily go unnoticed may prove to be Likeastore's greatest asset: search. If you've ever gone looking for something you favorited, but can't for the life of you remember when or where, searching across your likes from multiple networks in one fell swoop could prove to be very useful.

Bottom Line

I imagine that a service such as this would evolve over time, so it'll be interesting to watch its growth. For now, it's a simple, useful app that does what, currently, no one else does (to my knowledge).

Likeastore | @likeastore