Links (August 2, 2013)

Typically, I post the week's best writing on a dedicated page here on Sssimpli. I thought I'd try something different and put the articles in a separate post, since the majority of you read Sssimpli in a feed reader, and may miss Links when it's posted. So, without further ado, here's some stuff you should read:

  • When Marissa Mayer took over Yahoo!, no one knew what to expect. Few would have guessed correctly at the sheer number of acquisitions, including internet behemoth Tumblr. So will it all pay off?

  • Sam McNerney thinks psychological progress is outpacing technological progress. Here's what he thinks tech can learn from that innovation.

  • Robinson Meyer landed a job at The Atlantic purely because of his Twitter skills. Alexis Madrigal explains how you can, too.

  • Madrigal's back, this time explaining why Silicon Valley is "built atop the past's mistakes".

  • Neil Ungerleider explains the pitfalls of travel apps

  • Simon de la Rouviere has been thinking about information overload, and whether he "might each moment be missing out on experiences that define people’s lives."

If you'd like, you can download these articles as a Readlist to your Kindle, phone, or tablet.