Links for the Week of December 6

Sometimes tech changes things, and sometimes people change tech. This week, we've got a little bit of both.

  • Watch a futuristic sci-fi flick and you'll likely see buildings that look like spaceships. Thanks to the likes of Google, Apple, Amazon, and Facebook, those buildings are now reality.

  • Ask five people how tech is shaping the economy and you'll get five different answers. Robert Kuttner explores the question through the prism of TaskRabbit.

  • What's the value of a Facebook fan? Burger King pondered that question, then decided to ditch a ton of its fans.

  • Snark is a pervasive force on the web... but snark isn't as black and white as positivity and negativity. It's more complex than that, and to understand snark, we have to understand smarm.

  • Terminator. 1984. A Space Odyssey. As a species, we're pretty terrified of technology (or at least where it's headed). But why are we so fearful?

That's all for this week. Enjoy- and, as always, Links is available as a readlist should you care to download this week's reads to your iOS or Android device, Kindle, or Readmill.