Links for the Week of February 7

The usual suspects are here: Google, Netflix, Twitter, Facebook, but we're looking towards the future, and a little inward, too.

  • The web is famous (and infamous) for its real-time nature, but there's a surprising side effect of all this data collection: the past is increasingly infringing upon the present.

  • Rebecca Rosen performed a pretty fascinating experiment: she watched all 456 Law and Order episodes, using the tech in each to creative a running narrative for technology.

  • Facebook today hardly resembles its younger self. Even so, the core of what it does remains the same, which is to fulfill a need in us so basic that even apes do it.

  • There's some good news on the internet privacy front, for a change: we're better at it than we think.

  • As a broadcast platform, Twitter is unrivaled. In terms of user experience, though, it's in need of a serious makeover. Frédéric Filloux breaks the problem down.

  • You may want to save this one for Sunday morning, because it's a long read, but completely worth your time. One of the greatest minds of our time, John Brockman, interviews Wired co-founder Kevin Kelly on the impact of technology on our world.

As always, Links is available as a Readlist should you care to download it to your Kindle, iOS, or Android device. Happy reading, and I'll see you next week.