Links for the Week of Friday, August 23

A new weekend, a new batch of stories. Here are my favorites from this week.

  • This week, Facebook announced an initiative to increase internet access to those that need it. On The Atlantic, Phil Nichols takes a look at the parallels between Zuckerberg's new mission and that of spreading literacy in the early 20th century.

  • A year after its launch, Medium — the startup launched by Twitter's cofounders — is still a mystery. Anil Dash wants to shed some light.

  • The news is a swarming mess of cold, hard facts. In short, it's mean. According to TIME, however, social media is making it less so.

  • By now, you've probably heard that Steve Ballmer, Microsoft's CEO, is going to retire. The Wall Street Journal sums up what that means for Microsoft, and takes a look back at Ballmer's rather unimpressive tenure.

  • Speaking of Ballmer's retirement, ReadWrite takes a look at a possible option for Microsoft going forward: splitting the tech behemoth into smaller entities.

  • If I say the internet changes things, would you be surprised? Probably not, but what if I told you it's even changing hard work?

That's all for this week- happy reading! As always, you can view this as a Readlist to download it directly to your mobile device or Kindle.