Links for the Week of January 17

This week, we're a little all over the place, but the common thread is sheer interestingness. Let's get to it.

  • "Based on this modified Turing test, our time traveller would conclude that, in the past century, the human race achieved a new level of superintelligence. "What would happen if a time traveler saw a smartphone?

  • Motorola was one of the more interesting tech stories of 2013, having been brought back from the brink of annihilation by Google. So what's in store for Motorola?

  • I'm just gonna let this headline speak for itself: Such DFW. Very Orwell. So Doge. Wow.

  • When two journalists ripped a cancer victim for tweeting her pain, a passionate debate broke out all over the web regarding web etiquette. Zeynep Tufekci breaks it down nicely.

  • Question: how does the Apple store lead to you accumulating mental clutter?

As always, Links is available as a Readlist should you care to download this week's issue to your iOS, Android, or Kindle device. See you next week.