Links for the Week of January 31

Some good, some bad, some yet-to-be-determined, the only thing we know about the web is it changes, and quickly.

  • This week, Google sold Motorola for a $9.6 billion loss- so what gives? Owen Williams has some insight.

  • We hear so much about the ways in which technology is creating detached, shallow relationships. It's refreshing to see technology bring someone closer to their dad in a very real, very moving way.

  • It's not a secret that higher education, like publishing, is at a crossroads. Clay Shirky is broadcasting the unfortunate truth: the golden age of higher education is over.

  • Facebook released a very intriguing news app this week, signaling their willingness to get a little more specific with their vision than "be everything for everyone." John Brownlee thinks this is the first step in their ten-year plan.

  • The humble blog changed everything. The Guardian sat down with three of the guys who started it all.

  • An unfortunate mini-saga played out on the web this week over the @N Twitter handle. Ars Technica lays it all out.

As always, Links is available as a Readlist if you want to download it to your iOS, Android, or Kindle device. Happy reading, and I'll see you next week.