Links for the Week of November 15

This week's Links starts off with a definite reading theme (perhaps my reader bias is at play here), and end with an empassioned plea for more empathy in our social apps. Oh, and there's some good stuff in-between, too.

  • Google won a huge case against the Author's Guild, the latest plot point in the ongoing saga that is Google Books. In the end, the judge determined that Google Books is just plain good for everyone.

  • Lisa Sanchez is a community manager at Readmill, a company which will probably have some say in the future of reading. That being the case, Lisa has some very interesting thoughts on what that future might look like.

  • Certain types of reading—say, Anna Karenina—lend themselves to the pure, longform paper book. But what about other types of reading? Is there a better way to get our reading done?

  • Alexis Madrigal keeps popping up in Links, and for good reason. Madrigal may be the preeminent technology writer of our time. This week, he's back from paternity leave, wondering why his gear is telling him he needs to step it up.

  • "Social" is now such a buzzword it's lost nearly all meaning. On Medium, Mark Nelson writes a plea for digital creators to remember why social got us all so excited in the first place.

  • Today is PlayStation 4 launch day- an excellent day to delve into an exclusive Wired piece on the man who designed the device, and in the process, remade Sony.

That's all for this week! As always, Links is available as a Readlist should you care to download these articles to your iOS or Android device, your Kindle, or Readmill. Happy reading.