Links for the Week of September 20

Today's Links starts with a definite writing/ reading theme, takes a light-hearted turn towards Facebook and Android, and finishes smoothly with a plea to remember that life is bigger than tech.

  • No one really knows what Medium is. Last month, a few people (most notably Anil Dash) spent some time trying to figure it out . Now, we hear it straight from the horse's mouth.

  • Recently, a company called Oyster tried to become the Netflix of books (there's that phrase again). It's an intriguing idea that got Iain Crouch thinking: what does it mean to own a book?.

  • Speaking of groundbreaking apps, Editorially is pretty unbeatable for collaborative writing on the web (I've got invites if anyone's interested). Robinson Meyer and The Atlantic sat down with its creators to discuss the app's genesis.

  • To put it mildy, Facebook is ridiculously hard to break up with.

  • Android is a stunningly popular mobile operating system. It's not perfect, though, which is demonsted by the existence of so many custom ROMs built on top of Android. Now the most popular (original?) ROM, Cyanogenmod, has become so popular that it's forming a company to directly compete with Android.

  • The last story, I think, is rather fitting for the end of the workweek. Kayleen Schaefer doesn't know how to relax, and given the current startup/ tech-obsessed culture, she doesn't think she's the only one.

That's it! As always, feel free to download this as a Readlist if you want to download it to your Kindle or mobile device. Happy reading.