Links for the Week of September 6

Sorry I missed last week's Links ( I was busy), but it's coming back strong this week. We've got PayPal, Yahoo!, and both the future of reading and the future of education covered.

  • Big data may reinvent society, but Stijn Debrouwere reminds us that we need to cultivate the ability to tell meaningful from meaningless data.

  • Nobody likes PayPal. They're notorious for screwing people over, but they're a reality most of us have come to terms with. There may be hope, though: Owen Thomas explains that the company may have just reinvented itself.

  • A new app called Oyster just launched for iOS, and it aims, like many others, to reinvent reading. Fast Company details just how the company plans to do that: by making good on others' mistakes.

  • Jon Evans recently had quite an experience in Black Rock City, full of art, effigies, and fireworks. The problem was that no one around him could "appreciate the moment because they were too busy trying to capture it." Has our obsession with recording every moment gone too far?

  • Yahoo! announced a logo redesign this week. By now, in fact, you're probably sick of hearing about it, but a company's logo is its face, its identity, and this rather long rant/ design study is full of fascinating insight into logo branding.

  • Yes, education is changing, but the techno-optimists who think that, in its current state, online education doesn't come with its fair share of problems can think again.

And there you go: my highly-biased take on the best reads of the week. If you so desire, you can check this out as a Readlist to download it to your Kindle or mobile device for easy reading. Have a great weekend, all.

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