Listhings: Dead Simple Post-It Notes in the Cloud

Note-taking solutions are a dime a dozen on the web. Some, like Evernote, take the kitchen sink approach. Others, like Simplenote, make things decidedly simpler.

If even Simplenote is a bit too compicated for your tastes, Listhings is your answer. It's also delightfully old-school.

Listhings is the digital version of the sticky-note-laden corkboard: the entire canvas, in fact, is a corkboard. Each note is added as a sticky note.

Adding notes couldn't be simpler: just click the '+', choose the format, and off you go. Notes can be text, pictures, or checklists. Text and checklist notes can be changed to a variety of background colors.

The board itself is seemingly endless: drag a note to the far right of your screen, and the board expands, seeming to go on forever, so you're not limited by the size of your screen.

You can also maintain separate boards, so you could have a board for each of your projects. Collaboration is built-in, too. Click the share button and any email address you enter will be given access to that particular board.

Listhings comes with a freemium price tag: a free plans gives you 20 picture uploads per month, while the $2.50 per month plan gives you 5 gigs of storage.

Listhings is an app whose usefulness I can vouch for: as of this writing, I've been a member for 1,310 days. I've gone long stretches without using it, but when I need it, nothing comes close to its utility or its simplicity. It also works very well in nearly any mobile browser, so you'll always have access to your notes.

It may not be the ideal solution for heavy-duty note-takers (there's no search), but for a quick virtual corkboard, Listhings is an elegant casual note taker's dream.

Listhings | @listhings

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