MultiPLX is RSS, Pinterest-Style

It seems like Google Reader replacements have been talked to death since Reader's demise was announced. I've given my own take on the best Reader replacement, but that doesn't mean it's for everyone.

That includes the creators of MultiPLX, a very new RSS reader reimagined in the style of Pinterest.

When I say the app is new, I mean it. It was released less than week ago by Kosmaz Technologies, LLC. The creators are quick to point out that the app is very young, and has a long way to go. Already, though, it's a very interesting Google Reader RSS reader.

Once you sign up, just choose the categories you're interested in, which range from women's fashion to philosophy. You can also import an OPML file. That means that you can import your Google Reader subscriptions by utilizing Google Takeout.

Your subscriptions are all presented in a very visual and, as I said, very Pinterest-like fashion. It's clean, simple, and puts the content front and center.

Click on an article to bring up a clutter-free reading experience, where you can easily share it to multiple social networks or via email.

You can also take the reading experience fullscreen with one click:

Why was MultiPLX built? In founder Emre Kosmaz's own words:

Although there are many variants that are trying to imitate Google Reader at the moment, most of them are desktop clients or mobile apps that depend on Google Reader engine. MultiPLX is a full web based service with a back-end that can scale-up to serve millions of users, and billions of feed posts each day with a speed that is unmatched even in desktop clients.

All in all, there aren't many features, but that's the beauty of the app. Get in, get out... but enjoy yourself while you're here. As young as it is, MultiPLX is definitely an app worth keeping an eye on. It's still in beta, but the team is giving priority access to Google Reader users. Use the code "GOOGLEREADER" (without quotes) to jump to the front of the line.

MultiPLX | @multiplx

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