Netflix Goes Social, Adds Facebook Integration

For the most part, watching film or television has always been a social activity. In fact, for decades, it seemed like movies were the social activity; most first dates ended up at the movie theater.

Netflix, arguably the king of movies in the digital age, understands the social nature of movies and TV, and now, you can integrate Facebook with your account to see what your friends are watching.

The integration seems to be very mindful of the annoyances that inevitably come through social features, and of privacy concerns. The default settings are an exercise in prudence.

Case in point: you already have access to Netflix's social features (assuming you have a Netflix account), but they're turned off by default. To turn it on, head to your account page, and click 'social settings' under your preferences (alternatively, just go here). Connect Facebook, and you'll see the default settings: your viewing activity, past and present, will only be viewable on Netflix, and not on Facebook. You can, of course, turn Facebook sharing on.

At the bottom of this page, you'll see the category 'External Networks', which only lists Facebook. Though this is pure speculation, that would lead me to believe that integration with more networks (probably Twitter) is in the works, or at least planned.

Another very welcome feature is the ability to unshare any particular title. Go to the title's page and click the unshare button, and your friends will no longer it in your history.

So far, the only effect I see is a 'Friends' Favorites' row in your Netflix homepage, though I must admit it is a much better way to find something to watch than Netflix's own recommendations typically are.

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