A Simple Scratchpad in the Cloud {#Web}

Note-taking apps exist aplenty. We won't down that rabbithole right now. is, far and away, the fastest and the simplest of them all. Throw '' into your browser's address bar, and a clean, blank page appears. Type anything you want, and Notepad will automatically save it for you.

Each instance is given a unique URL, so if you know it (or jot it down), you can access that same notepad from any web browser, including mobile browsers.

If you'd like to change the URL to something item-specific or easily remembered, you can. Just click 'change url' at the bottom, enter, for example, 'abcde', and your notes will be accessible at '' Want to make it private? Add a password.

Protip: Notepad works extremely well for long tweets or conversations via Twitter. Type in your message, then post the link to Twitter.

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