Organize Your Netflix Queue in One Click with this Userscript

Netflix is a wonderfully diverse mix of video- comedies, dramas, documentaries, indies. The expansive selection also means that it’s all too easy for your queue to descend into chaos.

Sometimes, the simplest solutions are also the most effective, and it doesn’t get much simpler than a browser userscript- a small piece of javascript that (usually) installs like an extension without loading down your system resources.

Netflix Queue Sorter does exactly what it says on the tin. Once installed (on Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Safari, or any browser that supports userscripts), it simply adds a sorting option to your Netflix queue. Your videos can be sorted alphabetically, by genre, rating, and more. Just click your preference and let the userscript work. The result is a cleaner, more accessible home for your unwatched films and shows.

Directions are on the userscript’s site, but the easiest method is installing an appropriate userscript manager for your browser. For Firefox, check out Greasemonkey; for Chrome, there’s TamperMonkey. For Opera, see this tutorial, and for Safari, install GreaseKit.

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Thumbnail image: © Maxexphoto