Serves Up Anonymous, Disposable Web Pages

I'm not going to shock anyone by declaring that we're living in the era of social networking. The behemoths - Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest - serve most of our needs. Niche networks like Reddit serve most others. They don't serve every need, though, and when they don't, a simple, single-purpose app can be immensely handy. is such an app. is an anonymous, fast, free app that gives you a simple, single web page without requiring so much as a login. Just set the url of the page (, and the app will show you a very spartan editor. Give the page a header, enter your text, and drag-and-drop images to create your page. When you're finished, just hand out the link.

Viewers will see the same simple, clean design that you see in the editor. Almost nothing else exists, save a small link in the footer.

There are a lot of use cases for, and of course they'll vary greatly. Maybe you just want to write a manifesto of sorts, but don't want to clog up your website. Maybe you have something on a particular topic to say, but want to make sure it doesn't become hard to find later, as happens when you post something to Facebook, Twitter, or Google+. Maybe your thoughts are of a controversial nature, and you want to stay anonymous. Or perhaps you're organizing an event, and want to make sure attendees always know where to find up-to-date information.

Whatever you use it for, is a simple, useful, and even thoughtful web app that, when you need it, could prove to be a lifesaver.

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