Postable: Thank-You Cards for the Digital Age

In an age of so much hustle and bustle, taking a few seconds to say "thank you" can have a profound effect. There's also something to be said for slowing down and embracing the analog side of things, like sending a handwritten letter.

Combine the concepts of the analog and the thank-you and you get Postable. Postable is a simple service that lets you create a quick thank-you card and send it via snail mail.

To start, sign up for an account and add some contacts (by manual entry, importing a spreadsheet, or by sending out a link to your contacts and letting them enter their info themselves), then choose a card.

Various categories exist, like graduation and birthdays, but for the time being, the selection is mostly limited to thank-you cards. Postable promises to diversify the selection in the near future. The cards themselves are simple: just a decorated front with a simple message inside. Choose a font from an impressive selection of "handwritten" and typewriter-esque choices, enter your message, and click "mail card."

On the next screen, you'll enter your payment information. Each card is $2.00 plus the cost of a first-class stamp (currently $.46). Create, pay, send. It's that easy.

Postable can be a great way to let someone know you're thinking of them in a way that feels a little more sincere than a text or email, but it saves you the hassle of running to Hallmark. Once the selection improves, in fact, I may never visit that particular store again.

Postable can also be fairly invaluable when you need to send cards to a great many people. Imagine how simple: just create a card, add your recipients, pay, and send. This may be the future of wedding invitations.

Postable has a very hand-crafted feel, and the passion of the creators comes through. It's a dead-simple service that started as a simple way to collect friends' addresses. The next phase of Postable's evolution feels quite natural. The address book is as easy to use as ever, the card-making experience is nearly effortless, and the cards are very well-designed.

Head on over to sign up.

Postable | @postable

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