Press is a Simple and Stunning Google Reader Client for Android

Some say RSS is dead. It's been replaced by the likes of Twitter and other socially-driven apps. Even Google itself — the maker of the titan of RSS, Google Reader — seemed to be sounding the death knell when it stripped Reader of its own social features in favor of Google+ integration.

I don't buy it. RSS, and more specifically Google Reader, is still my preferred method of news consumption. Not only is it lighter, easier, and more efficient, it also personifies the Sssimpli ethos with two distinguishing features.

The first such feature is the edges. In an op-ed for CNN, Craig Mod wrote about edges in digital magazines. The takeaway idea is the never-ending nature of most digital consumption mediums compared to the 'edges' of print magazines. The edges not only give you a sense of when you're finished, but they also give you a sense of that containment when you first hold the magazine in your hand. When you've reached the edge, you breathe that breath that only comes from having finished something. You can't finish Twitter.

The second feature may seem counterintuitive. Adding publications to Google Reader takes a bit more effort than following someone on Twitter- and that's a good thing. We all spend so much time lamenting the overflowing nature of our feeds that adding a small barrier to the process of addition is welcome: it forces us to think a bit before we decide to make a publication part of our consumption routine.

So, to my mind, Google Reader is good, Google Reader is great... but the experience has always been somewhat muddled on Android. That's a shame, since so many wonderful devices are perfect for the type of consumption that Google Reader offers.

Google Reader clients for Android are a dime a dozen. Some are good, some are awful. Even the official Google Reader client leaves something to be desired.

Then Press came along. Press is a new offering from Twentyfive Squares that embodies the edges that we're looking for in a Google Reader client.

There is no 'explore' section here, though you can, of course, share articles to other apps. Open Press (maybe marvel at the stunning design for a bit), read your news, and you're finished. No extraneous features, no fluff, no feature that does not feel carefully thought out. The result is a fluid, contained, and beautiful experience.

There's not much else to say about Press, and, if you've been reading along, that's kinda the point. The app will run you $2.99 in the Play Store, and it's well worth it.

Here's hoping this isn't only offering from Twentyfive Squares for too long.


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