ProductHunt is a Daily Bulletin Board of Hot Startups

Readers of Sssimpli, I think it's safe to say, like startups. A new site called ProductHunt helps you stay on top of them.

ProductHunt isn't a news site, nor is it a review site. Instead, it's just a list of user-submitted startups. Members can create an account to submit or vote on a startup, which are then ranked by popularity via Reddit-style voting buttons next to each entry. Rankings are reset every day, and are listed in reverse-chronological order, so you can immediately see the startups that are popular today, then scroll down to view previous days. A comments section allows for thoughtful discussion on any given entry.

Membership is limited for now, and only members can submit entries or comment, but expect the beta to open its doors little by little as the platform grows.

Bottom Line

If you tend to geek out over new startups, you'll love ProductHunt, since it's a quick and easy way to check in with what's going on. It's a simple, one-page site (more or less), so even if you just want to dip your toes in every now and then and see what's hot, it's well worth a bookmark.