Protect your Email Address from Bots with MailRubber

Email is one of the most highly-abused forms of communication in terms of spammers. Many use bots to send emails with pre-formatted messages. A quick look through your spam folder will show you what I mean.

MailRubber aims to aleviate the pain of email through a very simple web app. Enter your email address and MailRubber will give you a link. Give out this link, instead of your email address, and when someone clicks it, they'll be required to prove they're human by getting past a CAPTCHA before they can email you. It also helps to "stop greedy little bots farming your email address." You can also permanently delete said link.

That's it. MailRubber acts as a middleman between you and bots, providing a buffer zone of security- not to mention seriously decreased email-related stress levels.

Bigger plans are in the works for MailRubber, so it's worth keeping an eye on. It's worth noting that, according to the MailRubber site, the app cannot "prevent evil human beings passing the anti-robot tests."

MailRubber | via onethingwell

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