PushBullet Sends Links, Notes, Files, and More to Your Android Device {#Chrome, Firefox}

If you've ever needed to send a web page from your desktop to your browser, chances are you used Google's own Chrome to Phone extension, which can send links, maps, and selected text to your Android phone or tablet. It has its limitations, though: it only works on Google's own Chrome (or Chromium) browser, and it can only send a
few types of information.

PushBullet, simply put, does more. PushBullet is a browser extension that sends links, notes, addresses, lists, or even files to any Android device.

To use PushBullet, install it on Chrome or Firefox, sign in with your Google account, then install it on your Android device. To send a link to your phone or tablet, just click on the icon in your brower, or right-click to access PushBullet in the context menu. By default, PushBullet will automatically fill in the address of the page you're on. If that's not what you're after, just click the type of information you want to send and fill in the relevant fields. To send a file, you'll be redirected to PushBullet's website, where you can upload files up to 25MB to send.

Anything you push will then show up on your device (almost instantly, in my experience) as a notification. Clicking on it will open the pushed item in the relevant application: links open in your default browser, addresses in Maps, and files in the associated program (PDFs opened in Kindle for me, for example). Notes and lists will be opened by PushBullet itself.

The Android app is simple, clean, and well-designed. You can even send items from one Android device to another, assuming that PushBullet is installed on both. It could also be used by multiple people, to, say, send a list or a note to your spouse. For that type of task, PushBullet may be as fast and easy as it gets.

Chrome to Phone is a handy extension, but PushBullet definitely takes it to the next level. Firefox users no longer need to be kept in the dark, and the lists and notes features are incredibly handy. My only gripe is that, unlike Chrome to Phone, PushBullet won't grab selected text for you; you'll have to go the extra step of copying and pasting. All in all, though, PushBullet does what it does very well.

PushBullet | @pushbullet