Quickly Add Feeds to Feedly with this Bookmarklet

If Feedly's become your feed reader of choice (excellent choice, by the way), you may have noticed that adding feeds from the web isn't quite as easy as it used to be with Google Reader. Nearly every RSS feed used to present you with a menu to quickly add that feed to Reader (mostly because nearly every RSS feed was powered by Feedburner, another Google app), but Feedly isn't nearly as ubiquitous, and so it can be a bit more difficult to add feeds you stumble across on the web.

To be clear, this really only comes about in one scenario. If you use the Feedly Firefox or Chrome extensions, Feedly will install itself as a service handler, and give you the option to subscribe when it detects an RSS feed in your browser.

If you're in Feedly already, adding a feed is easy, too: just search for it and click the "+". You don't even have to know the feed address.

But what if you, resource-conscious browser that you are, don't have the Feedly extension installed? You need a bookmarklet. Just bookmark this link (rename it whatever you like) bar, and you're done. Now, whenever you come across an RSS or Atom feed, just click the bookmarklet, and Feedly takes care of the rest. 

via labnol.org