Quickly Share Facebook Statuses Anywhere With Status Snapper

If you find yourself sharing Facebook updates on other social networks, you've likely encountered the myriad workarounds required to do so. Facebook doesn't make it easy to share posts outside of its own service, but a new extension makes it a breeze.

StatusSnapper is a Chrome extension that resides in the omnibox, appearing only when you're on Facebook. When you come across a status you want to share, clicking the StatusSnapper icon highlights each visible post with a simple "snap" button. Click that button above the post you want to share and the service will take a screenshot of the post, upload it to Imgur, and open a new tab where you can view the image, download it, or copy the url to share anywhere. Notice that posts are anonymized: the identity of the original poster is blocked out. During the process, you'll also have the option to add some text of your own as an overlay.

Bottom Line

StatusSnapper may not be a life-changing extension, but if you need to quickly share a Facebook post on Tumblr, Twitter, or even via email, it significantly reduces the time and friction you'll encounter in the process.