Quotesome is a Sanctuary for Quotes

Some people put everything in online catch-all buckets like Evernote, Catch, or Gimmebar, and those services can be great for saving things you want to remember or browse later. There's certainly no shortage of them.

It's refreshing, though, to come across apps with more modest intentions, apps that do what they do simply and without any fuss.

Quotesome is such a tool. Quotesome is a place for quotes- nothing less, nothing more.

Quotes are user-submitted. When you log in, you'll see a clean feed of selected quotes. To add a quote, just click the "add quote" button in the toolbar and enter the quote and author. Though the app is in beta, there's already a large selection of quotes and authors, and most prominent sources will automatically match up with the database to add the author's thumbnail to your quote.

You can also download a Chrome extension for quick additions from around the web. There are no other browser extensions, or even a bookmarklet, yet. Hopefully, that will change.

You can also create boards to keep your quotes organized by subject (I'm sure I'll have quite a "Writing Inspiration" board going before too long).

Search is perhaps the most useful option, allowing you to search for quotes by subject, user, or author.

Built-in sharing is a ubiquitous and must-have feature for any web-based app, and Quotesome is no different, allowing you to share a selected quote to Facebook or Twitter. There's also an option to share a quote as a picture.

That's it. Quotesome does quotes, and that's all.

Quotesome | @quotesometurtle

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