Screenlicious is a Cornucopia of Android Beauty

Android, since its inception, has come a long way, and aesthetics are no exception. It's now a much more beautiful thing to behold than the original interface. With the release of Android 4.2, that trend continues, as this release adds polish and numerous visual enhancements.

Still, though, there's something to be said for a gorgeous icon set. Few things can make a device more personal. Screenlicious makes, arguably, the most brilliant Android icons. Some sets will set you back a buck, but it's well worth sacrificing a cup of coffee. Some are free, though, if you'd like to sample the work first.

I opted for Lucid Rounds, which, like most of the Screenlicious selection, is a minimalist set. It works best on dark backgrounds.

And the result is striking. Screenlicious does more than icons, but those seem to be the specialty of its creator, Nikolai Prettner, an architecture student at Taylor’s University in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

It's important to note that these icon sets are not themes, meaning they won't automatically replace your existing icon sets. Instead, you need to use a home screen replacement launcher for your Android device, then replace individual icons as needed.

What is particularly nice about releasing the set as an app on the Play Store is that the app updates itself, so when any new icon is added, you'll have it. Nikolai is also pretty excellent at fulfilling requests, meaning that if you want an icon added to the set, he's pretty quick about updating the app with your chosen icon.


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