Simplenote is Back

Simplenote was once the king of note-taking apps. It was lauded for its ease of use, simplicity, and speed. It didn't hurt that premium users could sync with Dropbox, which enabled all sorts of third-party apps to add integration, most notably Notational Velocity, the über-popular Mac app.

For the past couple of years, not much has happened with Simplenote, mostly because Mike Johnston, the creator of the app, has been focused on building a cross-platform syncing engine. That stagnance allowed many other apps to step in and fill the gap.

Now, Simplenote is back with a new focus and new mobile apps. The Verge has a great rundown of Simplenote's resurgence, so if you're interested in the backstory, I highly recommend it. If you wanna get straight to downloading the app, hit up the links. (Quick note: supposedly, the web version got a revamp, too, but I've yet to see it).

Simplenote for Android | Simplenote for iOS | Simplennote for Mac

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