Soulmix: Neither Social Network nor Reader

We don't need another social network. We don't need another feed reader. We do, however, need a place to share and discover those things that feed our soul.

That's what Soulmix is counting on.

Soulmix is a place to share things you find online. The app is definitely in its infancy, but as it stands, it's a wonderful place to be. The tagline is "Share and discuss the stuff that matters to you in life." From what I've seen, Soulmix members stick to that mantra.

Log in, and you'll see your home feed, which is a stream of what other Soulmix members have shared, much like other networks. The app is spartan in both aesthetics and features, and that's part of the appeal. There are very few settings, and the only way to add content is directly from the app- no browser extensions, no bookmarklet (yet). All that's left is a clean experience and quality content.

Soulmix depends on its members to upvote content to give the experience a human touch, much like Reddit. From your home feed, you can view the newest contributions, or a stream of comments, which is essentially a stream of all activity on Soulmix.

You can share articles from the homepage, to Twitter or Facebook, or open the original source. You can also comment directly on items within Soulmix, again much like Reddit.

The only differentiating feature, in fact, is the ability to organize articles into collections (but that is a very handy feature).

Soulmix is simple, it's beautiful, and most importantly, it's a great way to find quality stuff. It remains to be seen how well the quality of the content holds up with growth. Soulmix functions a lot like Reddit, after all, and Reddit, of course, is often overrun by trolls and fluff. Google+ communities come to mind, too- they're a great idea, but were quickly overrun by those whose idea of great content, let's just say, differs greatly from mine.

For now, though, Soulmix is well worth a sign-up.

Soulmix | @gotsoulmix

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