Stormcloud: a Simple, Beautiful Weather Widget in your Toolbar {#Chrome}

I'll admit that I'm baffled by the fascination with weather apps, both for desktop and, especially, mobile. There's only so much a weather app can do, after all.

That said, a Sssimpli-approved weather app would have to be simple, beautiful, unobtrusive- and that's a pretty accurate description of Stormcloud.

Stormcloud puts an icon in your toolbar, complete with the current temperature. A click brings up a minimalist snapshot of the current weather and a four-day forecast.

The app's background color can change according to the temperature or the weather, configurable in the options panel.

Options are sparse — because, really, what more do you need? — but can be added to by buying the Pro version for $1.99. Pro options include greater customization like custom background colors or fonts. According to the pro version site, multiple locations are a pro feature, but I was able to add multiple locations before upgrading.

Stormcloud does what it says on the tin. If you don't need all the bells and whistles of a bloated weather app, Stormcloud's for you. The tagline, I think, says it all: "Easier than looking outside."


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