@StoryBundle Does for eBooks What the Humble Bundle does for Games and Music

Most web savvy users know of the Humble Indie Bundle, which allows the purchase of bundles of games or music that come DRM-free, meaning that, once purchased, the media can be viewed, listened to, or otherwise used on any device. The second guiding principle behind the bundle is the option to choose what you pay, as not all bundles will be created equal in the eyes of all users. It's become a fantastic way to connect gamers and music lovers to indie artists, as well as a great way for the artists themselves to gain exposure.

StoryBundle would like to do the same for ebooks. The concept, essentially, is the same. At any given time, one bundle of stories will be available to purchase. Choose your price (minimum of $1), and once you download the stories, they can be viewed on any device that supports the .mobi or .epub format- Kindle, iOS, PC, Nook... almost anything.

You can also choose to support various charitable organizations with a portion of your purchase price. For the current bundle, options are given to support Mighty Writers and Trees for the Future.

There's also a 'bonus' feature, which is best summed up in StoryBundle's own words:

All you have to do to get the bonus book is to meet the bonus threshold. Sometimes the bonus threshold will be a set number, but sometimes it will be the average price that readers have paid for the bundle so far. If it's an average price, that means it will be a moving target, sometimes going up and sometimes going down. When you meet the bonus threshold—set when you purchase the bundle—you'll get the bonus title(s) include with your bundle automatically. You don't have to do anything else.

No option currently exists to purchase the physical (paperback) version of StoryBundle's books, but the team is actively investigation its options on that front.

Are you an author? You can send an email to submissions@storybundle.com to speak to the team about including your work in a bundle.

Storytelling and consumption is an industry very much in limbo- not in its existence, but in its execution. StoryBundle is another wonderful experiment in remaking the book industry in the image of the digital age.

StoryBundle | @storybundle

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