@Streamie is the Web App Twitter Should Be {#Web}

The much-maligned Twitter web interface leaves a lot to be desired. For some, it doesn’t provide enough functionality. For others, who tend to favor simplicity, it’s more than is necessary.

Web-based Twitter clients are nothing new. Plenty exist, but none come close to the beauty, simplicity, and ease-of-use of Streamie.

Streamie presents your stream in a single-column view, allowing you to switch between your home stream, replies, messages, retweets, favorites, settings, and a compose window. The conversation bubbles are also color-coded- replies are highlighted in green; DMs in blue.

Though the interface is sparse, the settings are fairly robust. There are options to turn on desktop notifications for Chrome, notify of new tweets/ replies/ messages, add your location to tweets, autocomplete screen names, and even display your background image from Twitter on your Streamie page.

Since Streamie is web-based, of course, it goes wherever you go. Firefox, Chrome, Safari; web, mobile (it works very well in Firefox for Android). It’s also a perfect candidate for a desktop app in a site-specific browser like Fluid for Mac, Fogger for Ubuntu, or SisterB for Windows. Of course, on all platforms, you can also create a desktop application from directly within Chrome.

Either way, Streamie makes browsing your Twitter feed a pleasure.

Streamie | @streamie

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