Subpug is a Refreshing Take on the RSS Reader

Once upon a time, many RSS readers dotted the landscape of the web. Today, Google Reader stands largely uncontested as the king of readers- and rightfully so. It has a huge feature set, and is fast, clean, and simple to use.

Still, the guys at Apparus felt something was missing, so they set out to rethink the web reader.

The result is Subpug, a (fairly) new way to keep up with your RSS subscriptions in your browser.

Getting started is quite simple; in fact, you don’t even need to sign up. Just head to the homepage, scroll down a bit, and choose a ‘starter pack.’

Some handy keyboard shortcuts will help you browse your feeds:

The reader itself is clean and unobtrusive, and even long-form posts are presented in a highly readable fashion:

Where things get interesting is the context and reaction presented directly in the reader itself. Comments posted to the original article using Disqus are presented to the right of each article:

If there has been any discussion via Twitter regarding the piece, that, too, is shown:

To add more subscriptions, you can go back to the homepage to add another starter pack, or go to the options page to manually add an individual feed. To view your feeds on another device, the options page also allows you to enter an email address. Once you do, Subpug will send you a link via email. Simply click on the link on the device of your choosing, and the reader will open up in your default browser. It seems to adapt fairly well to form factors- although I did run into a glitch or two in the UI when viewing Subpug on a Nexus 7 tablet (it’s still quite readable):

Subpug also allows sharing your feeds with other readers and keyword filtering.

All in all, Subpug is a beautiful way to read your feeds, and while Google Reader is certainly more than adequate, Subpug fills in a few gaps where Reader may fall short- namely in focusing on the reading experience and the context surrounding an article.

Head on over to give your feeds new life.


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