Talk.To: GTalk, Facebook Chat, and SMS in One App

Universal IM clients have existed for a few years now. IMO, Trillian, and Meebo — before is acquisition by Google — all come to mind. Each had their strengths and weaknesses, but by and large, they all did the same thing: connected to all of your IM accounts and put them in one place. does the same, but adds SMS capabilities and wraps it all together in a well-designed interface. is available as a Chrome app, so it works across all platforms.

Once you've downloaded the app and connect your accounts (currently GTalk, Facebook Chat, Windows Live, and PingPong, which appears to be's own offering and is interesting in and of itself, the tagline being 'Stop using Google Talk or MSN at work and instead use your company's own branded identity to chat with colleagues.'

Once these are set up, just needs to verify your phone number to send texts. Punch it in, enter the verification code in the web app, and you're all set.

The interface is especially clean. Clicking a contact does what you'd expect: it opens a conversation in the center of the screen. Multiple conversations are a breeze, too: each is given a tab on the left of the screen, large enough to easily navigate.

By default, the chat opens the conversation in the IM service the contact is stored in. To send an SMS, simply turn SMS on at the bottom of the conversation itself and enter your contact's phone number.

Simple. The app is also available for your mobile device — iOS, Android, or Windows Phone, so ubiquitous access is covered. also features a nifty search function to search your history across all of your contacts.

All in all, if you're looking for a simple way to combine IM and SMS capabilities into a single interface, you can't do much better than | @talkdotto

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