TeuxDeux Receives a Visual Refresh, Adds Responsivity and Subscriptions

TeuxDeux, which I've profiled here, recently underwent a visual refresh.

The basic look is the same (which is a relief, because it's wonderfully designed), but it's now responsive. Resize your browser window to any size, and TeuxDeux adapts to it.

If you're unfamiliar, TeuxDeux lays out the task list quite differently than most apps, presenting you with all of the week's tasks in one view. It's easy to enter tasks, to see a summary of your week, and to drag-and-drop tasks between multiple days.

The new design features the ability to add recurring tasks. For example, adding "every day" to a task will make it repeat daily, and so on. They also added support for Markdown (a language that drastically simplifies writing for the web, it falls somewhere between plain text and HTML).

The bottom of the page, previously a simple "Someday" section, now allows you to keep track of customizable lists.

The main focus of the redesign, though, was speed. The first iteration was indeed fast, but the new version is blindingly so.

The team has also added a subscription model. To make sure TeuxDeux gets the attention it deserves, and doesn't fall by the wayside, users can subscribe for two dollars a month on a yearly basis, or three dollars a month on a month-to-month basis. I, for one, applaud the decision, and am happy to see a well-crafted app ask users to support its development.

The iPhone version of TeuxDeux has been updated, too. There is no official Android app, but if you're in need, check out Tehda.

In Swiss-Miss's announcement of the refresh, she mentions that the aim of TeuxDeux is to come as close as possible to the feeling of a paper task list, and I think the app comes closer than any other to accomplishing that. Check out her post for a video walk-through.

I'm still hoping for the ability to email in tasks and keep attached notes, since much of my task list consists of emai correspondence, but if you're looking for a simple, "designy" to-do app, you can't do better than TeuxDeux.

TeuxDeux | @teuxdeux

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