"The News" Combines Hacker News and Designer News into One Beautiful Site

Aggregators are not going away. They've been around for some time, but the recent crop of news aggregators like thresurrected Digg and Evening Edition are a direct result of the sheer abundance of proprietary news sites. These sites aim to make simple sense of a web crowded with information.

Some, like Google News go by the kitchen sink approach, turning the aggregator itself into a seemingly never-ending abyss of news articles. Others, like the ones I just mentioned, aim to make things simpler by delivering content in a more digestible form.

The News is such an aggregator. The News is a project of Ahmet Sülek, who bills himself as an "idea to life converter." Sülek, presumably, felt that the current crop of aggregators was aimed at a more general audience. What was needed was a simpler aggregator aimed at web professionals.

Coders tend to get their industry news from Hacker News, and designers from Designer News. The solution, then, was to simply combine the two into a beautiful interface.

And that's all Sülek's project does. It pulls the top stories from Hacker News and presents them in the right pane of the site, and does the same with Designer News on the left.

The result is simple, elegant, and useful- and certainly deserving of the Sssimpli seal of approval.

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