The Weekly Echo is Currently the Best Thing on the Internet

I had a post queued up and ready to go today (actually, it was for yesterday, but my CMS was down). During my morning intrnet persual, however, I stumbled upon on something wonderful, and decided to push the original post back.

I've long wanted to profile The Browser, but have put off doing so because it's such a popular site; I assume most of you already know about it. For those that don't, you're in for a treat. Simply put, The Browser is the destination for those looking for a great read. Its selection of articles is rather unparalleled. Their "Five Books" feature is particularly fantastic.

Today, The Browser released a new project: The Weekly Echo, a collection of stories from 100 years ago. Browse and read stories from a century ago from any browser, in a beautifully easy-to-read format.

That's all there is to it. You might want to note that the creator of The Weekly Echo, Robert Cottrell, notes on the about page that the experiment is "not really intended for general viewing." If you find as much value as I in this project, you might want to let Cottrell know by sending him an email at The more support the site gets, the less likely a future shutdown occurs.

Simply put, there needs to be more of this.

The Weekly Echo | The Browser | @thebrowser

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