This Bookmarklet Makes Multi-Page Web Articles a Thing of the Past

You know those websites that split their articles up into a ridiculous amount of pages, requiring you to click through every few paragraphs or so to continue reading? You know, the ones who seem like they're competing with pop-up Viagra ads for the Most Annoying Thing on the Internet?

I hate those.

Luckily, someone else does, too: Jonathan Koomjian and Cassie Schmitz, better known as the guys behind Print What You Like. Koomjian and Shmitz created a bookmarklet called PageZipper that, when clicked, recognizes when you scroll to the end of a multi-page article and automatically loads the text of the rest of said article.

That's it. That's all it does. A simple bookmarklet with a simple purpose that solves a hugely frustrating problem. It doesn't just work on articles, though; when you're on a page with an image gallery that's split between multiple pages, the bookmarklet shows an arrow which, when clicked, will take you directly to the next image without the need to load the next page. As an example of its powers, try loading this page, then load it with the PageZipper.

There's only one slight drawback: the bookmarklet doesn't work on pages that use javascript instead of a traditional link. It also doesn't work on every site, but you can help improve its accuracy by submitting links it doesn't work on here.

Bookmarklets use exactly zero resources, so we're fond of them here, but if you absolutely must have a browser extension, there's one available for both Firefox and Chrome.


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