This Extension Eliminates the Need for Scrollbars {#Chrome}

Some love scrollbars, and some hate them. I happen to be in the latter group. Scrollbars were quite useful back in the day, but have arguably become little more than eyesores. If you agree, I've got a wonderful little extension for you.

Scroll to Top Button does just what it says on the tin. You've probably seen the functionality before, on sites like Pinterest and OMG! Ubuntu!, which present a small button on the page which, when clicks, simply takes you back to the top of the page Some sites also build the functionality in without a button: clicking on the Google+ header, for example, takes you back to the top of your stream. The Chrome extension does the same, but on every page you visit, and with a few more options.

Options include changing the style or speed of the extension, enabling it in Chrome's context menu, changing its placement on the page, and enabling (or disabling) ads, which support the developer, Cody Sherman. You can also choose to view only the up arrow, the down arrow, flig between the two, or shog both at once (as shown in the screenshot).

If you choose, you can pair this with the Autoscroll extension, which mimics the default functionality of Firefox by allowing you to use a middle-click to scroll up or down. If one or both of these extensions truly make the scrollbars unnecessary, you can remove them altogether.

Scroll to Top Button is a popular extension, with over 69,000 users at the time of this writing. There's good reason for that: it works, and otherwise stays out of the way.

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