Throwww: The Simplest Way to Blog

Blogging, at its inception, was a complicated endeavor. Over the years, as backend technologies have evolved, the process has been simplified to an almost alarming degree.

That doesn't mean it can't be simplified further.

Throwww pegs itself as the simplest way to blog, and it makes an excellent case for itself.

Sign in via Twitter (the only authentication method available), and you're immediately presented with the compose interface. Give a title, and fill in your post. When you're finished, you have three options: save as a draft, post anonymously, or post via Twitter.

That's really all there is to it. No complicated content management, no messy options. Just open up the app, write, and publish.

The app distinctly reminds me of a cross between Medium and Svbtle, two excellent newcomers to the blogging world. The difference is Throwww's openness- whereas Medium and Svbtle are both invite-only, Throwww is open to anyone.

The beauty of the Throwww is the lack of barriers. So few clicks — in fact, none — stand between you and your writing.

The app's creator sums up the idea behind its creation:

Blogging platforms are, as far as I know, too complicated for my needs. I like to write ideas and keep track of them somehow. I don't care about themes, widgets, or any kind of meaty personalization. I understand why a lot of people want a feature-rich blogging platform, but I don't. There's something beautiful to me in the purity of just a message.

When you've written a few posts, you'll find the dashboard useful. It's a fairly barren place, in keeping with the overall feel: a few stats, your posts, and favorited posts. There's also Throwww Universe, a place to discover other great Throwww content.

If you're looking for a new blogging platform, Throwww definitely merits consideration. If you're thinking about throwing your hat into the blogging ring, Throwww is an excellent place to start.

Throwww | @throwww

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