Twipster Transforms Twitter into a Minimalist's Dream

Like it or not, Twitter hates third-party apps. They reserve access to certain functionality, like push notifications, interactions, or the 'Discover' function, for their own apps.

Now, Twitter is killing the mobile and desktop versions of Tweetdeck. Tweetdeck has long been a go-to app for power users on the desktop, but many hesitate to use it, largely because of its uncertain future. Some (myself included) use it reluctantly while secretly wishing for something simpler and more streamlined with the afore-mentioned features baked in.

Thankfully, someone has created just that.

Craig Mod created Twitter for Minimalists, a set of CSS rules that stripped Twitter down to its essentials. Being pure CSS, though, some assembly was required. From Mod's own page, here are the instructions (for Safari):

To use it:

  • download Fluid
  • make a instance
  • go to window > user styles
  • add a new style, pattern:
  • paste in the CSS from above
  • Icon

To give your Fluid instance an 'official' Twitter icon, simply do the following:

  • grab Twitter's logo
  • open it in Preview
  • CMD-A to select all, CMD-C to copy it
  • highlight your Twitter instance in Finder
  • CMD-I to see the application's info panel
  • click the top-left icon in the info panel, CMD-V to paste the logo

Of course, if you wanted to use it directly in your browser, you could use Stylish or Stylebot, then copy and paste the CSS, but what if you wanted to make it even easier?

Enter Brent Jackson and Twipster.

Brent took Mod's CSS and turned it into an extension for Chrome or Safari. Now, all you have to do is install the extension and experience what a seriously relaxed version of Twitter's web interface feels like.

Now, you get all the functionality of an official Twitter app without the bloat (except for the 'Discover' tab, which was intentionally removed. I've yet to find a hack to restore it).

If you want to make a desktop app out of Twipster, and you use Chrome, it couldn't be simpler. Just head to Chrome's options menu and go to Tools > Create Application Shortcuts.

This is especially helpful if, like me, you're using Ubuntu and the web apps functionality.

Twipster has made Twitter a pleasure to use on the desktop again.


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